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Wilson’s utterly remarkable trilogy... opens with sprited young Tamras being sent to the household of Lady Merin to learn comportment, the ways of court – and the arts of physical combat...

The strong, supple prose on display in all three novels, the intelligence of the plotting, and the skillfully varied pacing make this a standout trilogy – highly recommended. [More]

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The first volume in Catherine M Wilson’s trilogy... takes us... back to a time when story-telling was a foundation of identity, of learning, of sharing, of preserving the past and of religious belief. And Ms Wilson is definitely a story-teller herself, infusing the whole book with that same instructive, atmospheric and narratively compelling style that define the age-old stories her character tells. [More]

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[The Warrior’s Path] is about defining a warrior as an attitude of self-control and ethical behavior as much as competence with weapons... This is, contrary to one’s expectations from the title, not about war... [More]

[In A Journey of the Heart] Tamras becomes far more deeply and quickly embedded in the politics of the house where she was fostered than I had expected from the first book... Tamras’s primary strength is exactly the same strength that she’s had from the beginning. She’s just slowly becoming more herself... [More]

[In A Hero’s Tale] Wilson continues to write one of the best mentoring relationships that I’ve seen in fiction... I thought the understated ending was quietly beautiful. [More]

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100 Best Lesbian Fiction Books Of All Time

This book is a unique treasure about growing up, learning to find inner strength when all odds are stacked against you and those you love and not being afraid to voice your beliefs when others deem them silly. It teaches bravery, courage, humility, loyalty and honesty.

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I have been fascinated by attempts to write novels about societies where women and men are equals, but until I read this novel I had never actually found one that satisfied me... Wilson’s is the first one I have read where the men and women characters work alongside one another and the men are not made the bad guys. How refreshing!

...we need books like this to offer an alternative to the lies we have been told for thousands of years about men’s and women’s natural roles and abilities. [More]

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