Cover of When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path

   “In ancient days, when only women were warriors … ”
   “When was that?”
   “I don’t know. A long time ago, I suppose.”
   “How long ago?”
   “I have no idea. It’s not important. It’s just the way you start a story.”
   “All stories begin like that.”
   “I don’t know. They just do.”

In Book I of the trilogy, Tamras arrives in Merin’s house to begin her apprenticeship as a warrior, but her small stature causes many, including Tamras herself, to doubt that she will ever become a competent swordswoman. To make matters worse, the Lady Merin assigns her the position of companion, little more than a personal servant, to a woman who came to Merin’s house, seemingly out of nowhere, the previous winter, and this stranger wants nothing to do with Tamras.

Tamras’s journey begins with the smallest of steps. She sets aside her disappointment and performs as well as she can the humble tasks given her, and eventually she succeeds in winning the trust and then the friendship of the cantankerous warrior to whom she has been assigned.

In the first year of her journey, Tamras will make a series of choices that often seem insignificant, but they will flow from her character and from her good intentions, and they will determine her destiny.


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