Cover of When Women Were Warriors Book II: A Journey of the Heart

   “Is she the one?” Gnith’s eyes were on Maara’s face.
   “Yes, Mother.”
   “Dark.” said Gnith.
   It was the first time I’d known Gnith to be unkind.
   “She can hear you, Mother,” I said.
   “Of course she can,” said Gnith. “She has ears on her, doesn’t she?”
   “What’s that?” said Maara. “A wind through dry leaves? Black water whispering down a cave wall?” She turned to look at Gnith. “No, just the voice of a foolish old woman.”

In Book II of the trilogy, Tamras’s apprenticeship as a warrior isn’t turning out quite the way she expected. Her unconventional choices lead to her crossing swords, almost literally, with Vintel, the war leader of Merin’s house. She finds herself embroiled in a power struggle she is doomed to lose, but the loss sends her on a journey that will change her destiny and decide the fate of her people.


ISBN: 9780981563626
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